Friends: Part II

I’ve been requested to make another entry like my previous Friend’s post. I’m at the beginning of the 7th season. Here are some of my favourite moments so far:

1. One of the many times Joey says, “How you doin?”

2. Phoebe is put on hold
3. Phoebe runs
4. Ross and Unagi
5. Ross gets a teaching position at NYU
6. Monica and Rachel find out about Ross’ fake accent
7. Fake Accent University
8. Monica and Ross get excited about the party people
9. Monica and Ross do “the routine”
10. Monica is engaged!

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My iPod Headphones Fell out Six Times While Writing This…

If you ever talk to someone who owns a Macbook, they will probably ask you something along the lines of, “Why don’t YOU have a Macbook?” *raises their eyebrow and looks down at your face*

Yeah, the Macbook is great, Apple products are ingenious, blah blah blah blah blah. I’m not hating on Apple products. I’ve gone through my share of iPod’s, from the (now discontinued) iPod mini, to 2nd generation iPod video, and now the iPod Touch. But if you ever, ever want to make an Apple lover shut up, all you have to do is punch them say one word:

Headphones. Or earbuds.

So it’s a little ironic that I’m using these headphones as I write this blog entry and to be honest with you, I’m not really sure why I am. These things always fall out of my ears. I can’t help but be a little jealous when I see that dude on the subway with his iPod headphones that stay in his ears. Are my ears deformed or something? I’ve even tried wearing these headphones like I’d wear earplugs, where I’d pull on the top of my ear and insert the earbuds. But no luck. And probably not good for my hearing either, if it’s not already damaged.

But I guess I’m not alone. If you Google, “iPod headphones fall out” you will get about 249,000 results. If you Google, “How to wear iPod earbuds” you will get about 160,000 results and this link will probably come up. If you follow the steps and they work for you, then you are one lucky human being. I just tried it. I also just took a sip of water and my earbuds fell out.

So Steve Jobs, if you’re reading this, and if you’re not too busy rolling around in piles of money or something, can you fix those earbuds of yours? Please and thank you. =)

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So I’m like, what, ten years behind or something? But I’ve recently been obsessed with Friends. Growing up, my two older brothers would never let me sit down and watch the show with them. Whenever they’d want to watch Friends, they’d kick me out of the room. =( But for some reason, I was allowed to watch The Simpsons, which was probably worse (although my parents probably didn’t say anything because it was a cartoon, lol).

I’m almost done season 3 of Friends, and I thought I’d share some of my favourite moments that I’ve watched so far.

1. The gang (minus Ross) go on a skiing trip. Their car runs out of gas. This is Joey’s solution.

2. Same episode – Ross comes with a tank of gas, but him and Rachel start to argue. This is what happens to Chandler.

3. And I think this clip sums up everyone’s personalities nicely.

Some more clips (YouTube won’t let me embed these):

Joey’s infomercial: The Milkmaster 2000
Phoebe tells Chandler that his co-workers do impressions of him
Phoebe teaches the singer at Central Perk how to sing Smelly Cat
My favourite episode so far – The friends play football

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