NYC Mac Haul + Reviews

NYC Mac Haul

NYC Mac Haul

I went to Mac in New York. And I may have bought slightly too many things…

No, I’m not trying to brag about all the stuff I bought. I’ve had some time to play around with these products and I wanted to share my thoughts on them. :) Below are my mini-reviews of what I got.

Mac Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

This is the perfect nude for my skin tone (I’m an NC35 in Mac foundations). Since it is a matte finish, it is quite drying, so I like layering Jubilee lipstick (a lustre finish) on top for some moisture and that extra oomph (actually, I like layering all of my lipsticks with Jubilee, but that’s another topic for another time). If you are on the hunt for your staple nude lipstick, your search ends here. Mac Velvet Teddy lipstick = love.

Price: $19 CAD at MAC Cosmetics

Mac Paint Pot in Painterly

I am really enjoying this product. Not only does it act as an eye primer to prevent eyeshadows from creasing, it also neutralizes the veining on my eyelids. Not only that, the Mac artist at the store told me that she uses it on her under-eye area to help conceal dark circles. I’ve tried it and it’s not too bad. Perhaps if my skin tone was a shade or two lighter, it would work a lot better for that purpose. But you can’t go wrong with multi-use products like this! Mac Painterly Paint Pot is a win in my makeup stash.

Price: $24 CAD at MAC Cosmetics

Mac Eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive

I’ve recently been getting really bored of neutral eyeshadows, but at the same time, I’m afraid to leap into the world of colour. Mac Sumptuous Olive is a nice compromise — the colour is what it claims to be — a pale olive. It’s colourful without being too in-yo’-face. I’ve been reaching for this a lot, especially with my ~~South Asian clothes~~ a.k.a. shalwar kameez, lol. :)

Price: $12 CAD at MAC Cosmetics

Mac Pro Longwear Lip Liner in Nice n Spicy

The Mac Pro Longwear Lip Liners are the only nude-coloured lip liners that work for me. These stay put throughout eating, which is rare for a colour doesn’t stain your lips, like a red or a fuchsia lipstick. I already own Etcetera, which is a nice peachy nude colour, so I’m happy to add Nice n Spicy to my stash as well. It’s a nice pinky-brown nude and it pairs nicely with Velvet Teddy lipstick.

Price: $23 CAD at MAC Cosmetics

Mac Mineralized Blush in Warm Soul

Out of all of the products I purchased, this was the most “meh” product of them all. Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful colour, but after comparing it to my Milani blush in Luminoso, they seemed very similar (same pinky-peach family). They aren’t “dupes” but I don’t think they’re different enough to justify owning both. The Milani blush leans more peach, is more pigmented and has better staying power. In this situation, drugstore trumps high-end.

Price: $32 CAD at MAC Cosmetics

Mac 208 Angled Brow Brush

Just your average angled brow brush, but I use it for eyeliner. It’s nothing to write home about, but it gets the job done. I own the Mac 266 brush, which is called the Small Angle Brush, but it ain’t nothing close to small. The 208 is a lot smaller and works a lot better for eyeliner. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive, but that’s Mac for you. :(

Price: $24 CAD at MAC Cosmetics

Mac 224 Tapered Blending Brush

I’ve really been enjoying this brush and I’ve been getting a lot of use out of it to apply eyeshadows. It’s a nice brush to use to get a soft, subtle, yet precise crease colour. I find that the 217 isn’t as precise and sometimes picks up more colour than I’d like. Actually, ever since I bought this, my 217 brush has been untouched. *gasp*

Price: $38.50 CAD at MAC Cosmetics

That’s all for now! Kudos to you if you stuck it out ’til the end. Thank you for reading my first blog post on the Swatching Oddity. I’ll be writing new blog posts every week, so make sure you watch this space closely for more updates. :)

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  1. I had one bad experience with a mac lipstick and I never wanted to try their lipsticks again! I have been on the hunt for the perfect nude for quite a while but haven’t found it yet. I’m going to try Velvet Teddy! You should try YSL Rouge Volupte-Beige Ultimate. or Make up for ever-satin beige! those are two of my favorites :)

    1. Wow u did alot of shopping!! My sis and I are big fans of Vasanti available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharma Plus…have u tried their line? What’s your opinion? Since its geared towards Asians and Desi’s as we have yellow pigment in our skin I think its a good choice.

      1. I tried a skincare product from Vasanti once and it made me break out so it turned me off from the brand :( but maybe I’ll give their makeup a chance! I’ve tried lip products from Pari, which I think is another brand geared for South Asians based on the name, lol.

        1. My skin is not and has nvr been sensitive so it takes a beating…I don’t use any products on my face..just mortuize with oil of olay…which also does not suit alot of ppl skin I have heard…as I get older I notice I need more coverage :(

          1. Your skin sounds exactly like my mom’s! Her skin can take anything and she also uses Oil of Olay. My skin on the other hand is quite sensitive. :(

    2. I’d be interested in knowing which lipstick that was because I’ve had really good experience with Mac lipsticks. Thanks for the suggestions :) I’ll look in to the YSL and MUFE lipsticks!

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