New look!

Hi there!

Just wanted to give a quick update — over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a new design for my website. Even though things are not fully complete yet, I wanted to roll things out as soon as possible (in case I had some visitors). =)

My portfolio is still in the works, but if you’d like to see more samples of my design work, please check out this page.

Hope you enjoy the new look!

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Quick Update

Hello! I know, I know, I disappeared again. But, I promise you, I have a good reason this time! I’ve moved into a new place and slowly but surely, I’m beginning a new life in the city of Toronto. But besides that, I haven’t forgotten about my blog (I think about you everyday, I promise!) I have some blog posts planned in the next coming weeks, so watch this space closely. =)

I’ve recently ditched my Blackberry after 3 years and joined the Android world.

And I haven’t looked back.

My next blog post will be about my new Android device — the Moto X. I’m enjoying the fact that I can finally use apps! Here’s a sneak peek on how I themed by phone:


Ain’t she a beaut?? I finally understand why people become so passionate about their phones.

I think I’m in love.

Ah! <3

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Crazy, Crazy September

September is a special month for many reasons. Firstly, my birthday is in September! It is also my dad’s, brother’s, and sister-in-law’s birthday as well. And finally, there will be a few weddings this month too — a friend of mine and also someone else too. =) September is always a crazy month when it comes to birthdays, but with all of the weddings (and pre-wedding events) thrown into the mix, it’s become more hectic than usual.

For this reason, I decided to create a calendar for the month to keep track of all of the craziness. I tried to find something online, but I wanted something pretty (because the designer in me likes pretty things after all). I’ve already printed out a copy of the calendar and marked all over it.








Click here to download: Download Calendar for September 2013 (PDF format).

September begins in 10 hours and to that I say… this.

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Oh hai. It’s been a while…

My blogging patterns are quite… sporadic, to say the least. But, I am going to try my very best to gather up some compelling content up in hurr for you!

You might be wondering what exactly I plan to write about. I’ve written an explanation in the about section, but to summarize, I’ll be writing about:

  • Nerdy things: marketing, communications, and design
  • Lifestyle things: food, beauty, and the odd rambling about… life!

If that sounds interesting to you, stay tuned. =)


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